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Jewellery Adhesives, Bead Cements, Thread Conditoners & Gels

Our selection of jewellery adhesives are ideal for beading and crafts. These bead cements and jewellery making glues can be used for attaching findings to base metals or costume settings, for sealing knots, and for providing strong flexible bonds that will not become brittle over time. Jewellery glue typically works on gemstones, wood, leather, vinyl and canvas, drying to a clear, waterproof finish.

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GS Hypo bead cement is a medium strength glue with a fine tip applicator, originally used for watch repairs due to its clear finish, permanent non brittle bond, and a 10 minute drying time allowing for repositioning. Used for beadwork it is ideal for illusion designs, ceramics, glass, plastics, pearl knotting, and intricate fabric and textile projects. E6000 jewellery adhesive is an industrial high performance contact adhesive that dries clear and fully hardens after curing for 24 hours giving a tough, flexible, but permanent bond. It provides a superior fix on both porous and non-porous materials such as metal, mosaics, plastic, glass, fibreglass, rubber, tile, marble, ceramic, vinyl, fabric, leather and wood. It is photo safe, paintable and once applied the glue becomes rubbery and acts as a shock absorber.

Alongside bead cements and jewellery adhesives you will find thread conditioners, which prevent fraying and make bead stringing easier, and liver of sulphur gel which is a convenient and economical way to oxidise metal surfaces.

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For information about how to use jewellery adhesives, liver of sulphur gels and thread conditioner look at the Big Bead Little Bead Guide to Beading Tools.

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