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Beading Threads From Beadalon, Griffin & Nymo

Beading threads are manufactured from a single strand of natural or synthetic fibre which is spun to provide a basic thread with good drape and durability. Beading threads are typically used for lightweight beads such as seed beads, sewing beads into jewellery, for bead weaving and loom work. Beeswax or Thread Conditioner can be used to improve threading and to reduce fraying. Products of note include fray resistent Beadalon Wildfire, knottable Griffin Power Nylon and Nymo Thread which is a nylon monofilament beading thread. New additions to our beading threads are featured on our social media pages Bead Threads Blogger   Bead Threads Facebook   Bead Threads Flickr      Bead Threads Pinterest   Bead Threads Twitter

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1 Griffin Power Nylon Beading Threads PN5 Black

1 Griffin Power Nylon Beading Threads PN5 Black 0.35mm x 47 metres.

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Both Griffin beading threads and Nymo beading threads can be used for stitching beaded jewellery designs. Nymo size D beading threads are strong, slim and good for beading with seed beads and other lightweight beads up to 6mm. It is the ideal product for most loom and off-loom bead weaving projects, or bead work that demands a tough but fine thread. Griffin Power Nylon is stronger and less stretchy than Nymo, and takes a knot well. Whilst Beadalon Wildfire is a very strong, supple, waterproof beading thread perfect for multi strand seed bead designs.

For more details about beading threads read the Big Bead Little Bead guide to Cords, Threads & Wires.

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